4 x Exoracing Flanged Honda civic integra titanium suspension strut top nuts

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Our race spec Titanium hardware is manufactured from only the best aircraft grade Titanium Alloy; Ti-6AL-4V (Grade5), our fasteners are fully forged and the threads are created using a superior rolling process, this results in greater fatigue resistance and can reduce the potential of galling when fastening.

Grade 5 Titanium fasteners are suitable as replacement bolts for Grade 8.8 steel fasteners, they have a good strength to weight ratio and offer weight savings of approximately 45% over that of equivalent steel bolts. As well as the obvious weight savings, Titanium has outstanding corrosion resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemicals resulting in a longer service life over standard BZP steel bolts.


- grade 5 titanium

- 150,000 PSI tensile strength

- max torque (nm/ftlb) 57.6/42.5

- m10x1.25

- quanitity: 4