Exoracing Apple Tang Car Air Freshener liquid 250ml

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Introducing our brand new range of Exoracing air fresheners!

We have hand picked a range of 8 fragrances that will not only be long lasting, but will also eliminate bad smells and keep your car feeling fresh for ages. The bottles we use are 100% biodegradable and safe to use on almost any surface! We use a fine mist atomiser head for our bottles as they have a larger coverage than conventional bottle heads. Our air fresheners are great for: car, seats, roof lining, carpets, boot covers, home, office and many other places!


- Highly effective odour deodoriser

- Not only masks bad smells, but eliminates!

- bottle size: 250ml

- fine mist atomiser heads for a wide coverage

- safe to use on all surfaces!

- 100% biodegradable product