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Acuity 1/4” SAE Quick Connect to –6AN Adapter (6AN to EFI)

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Many fuel-injected Hondas and other vehicles made since 2000 feature a fuel hardline on the firewall that uses what's called an SAE Quick-Connect style fitting in 1/4" size. There are numerous fuel fitting options out there to connect to a line like this, but most require a nut to be tightened, which can often be awkward in tight spaces. Additionally, many of the available fittings use only a single o-ring to create a seal where OEM fittings typically have 2 o-rings to provide an extra layer of leak-protection. This ACUiTY design features dual o-rings and an easy quick-connect design just like an OEM fuel line would, meaning easy installation and safe operation, just like OEM. The added benefit is that this fitting is made from aluminum for strength and allows you to connect your OEM hardline to a -6AN braided line, which is often needed in high performance applications where an aftermarket fuel rail or fuel pressure regulator will be installed. Give yourself peace of mind in knowing you've chosen the best option for your car.


  • Easily adapts a -6AN fuel line to connect to a 1/4" SAE Quick Connect hard line
  • Dual o-ring seal for added safety
  • Quick-connect design clips onto hardline like OEM fittings
  • Compatible with gasoline, E85 and other gasoline/ethanol mixtures at or below 85% ethanol concentration (E85) 

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