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April 2021 Blog Update Carbon Honda S2000

April 2021 Blog Update Carbon Honda S2000

Posted by Kym Allen on 30th Apr 2021

Exoracing | April 2021 Update

Time for another monthly update Blog! We have been as busy as ever this month and have been pushing to get more products on our website for you guys with the biggest brands in the industry. For anyone following the AWD widebody turbo civic build, our parts have arrived now, so we will be cracking on with that and getting some YouTube videos up of the entire installation process in the coming weeks, so make sure to subscribe to our channel for that! Keep reading to find out the ins and outs of what has been happening here at Exoracing.

New Brands

This month, we have put in as much time as possible to add more brands products onto our site and get a few more of our products for you guys. We have managed to get over 1700 products with seven brands added onto our site, which we are pleased about.


Synchrotech is a leader in gearbox internals, especially when it comes to Hondas, which you know we like here at Exoracing. Synchrotech has a broad range of products, including carbon-composite synchros, sleeves, rebuild kits, and custom gears. If you are looking to update your gearbox, then look no further than our range of 250+ products from Synchrotech.


You have probably heard of Mishimoto before, and if you have not, they are one to look at for cooling performance. World leaders in performance cooling products and a massive catalogue of products to help your car perform under the harshest conditions. We have added over 500 of their high-quality products to our website. They more than likely have something for your vehicle, from radiators to intercoolers, oil catch cans, to silicone hose kits.

Tein Suspension

When upgrading your suspension, Tein has got you covered, whether you are just looking to lower your car with a set of lowering springs on your standard shocks or looking to upgrade to a race-spec Coilover setup with total adjustment. Since they are suspension specialists, there aren't many cars they don't have a product for.


Fidanza is probably the number one choice for Honda flywheels. Machined from the highest quality 6061 T6 or 2024 T3 aluminium and redesigned to suit each engine specifically, you really will struggle to find a higher quality flywheel for a Honda.


Specialists in the Honda K-series engine K-tuned have been pioneers for manufacturing new parts for the K-series engine for years now. High-performance features, including billet aluminium fuel rails, billet shifter boxes and stainless exhausts, are just a few of the brilliant products they offer.


HKB are probably the most recognised brand for steering wheel adaptors.

Made in Japan, they offer boss kits to fit a wide range of Japanese cars and are double drilled to support most types of steering wheels from Personal to Nardi and OMP, Sparco and Momo.


Blox may not have the most extensive catalogue of products, but they offer some of the best upgrades you can get for the money. Their block guards are perfect for those builds that do not require complete cylinder work but are looking for an extra bit of protection. Also, offering a variety of universal velocity stacks at a reasonable price makes them a brand we want to have on our website.

New Exoracing Products

Onto our products! Our most significant and most awaited product would be the twin fan shroud for the EP3 Honda Civic. As you know, we have offered the single shroud for a while now, and whilst they have proven to be popular, we still had a lot of requests to make the twin SPAL fan design, so now the design is finalised, it is just a few weeks to wait now for the shroud to go live on the website.

We have also been asked many times to start stocking battery ties downs for more of the Honda range, so we now have EP3/DC5 billet battery tie-downs on the shelf, available in 9 different colours. We have everything to keep that battery locked down whilst also adding some style to your engine bay, matching whatever colour scheme.

Finally, we have our super popular polyurethane exhaust hangers. We decided that offering just the red and blue was not enough, so we thought we would expand our range by adding a yellow and light blue. These parts will help keep your exhaust stable and reduce the risk of cracking. It is also lovely to have these things in all the best colours!

New Videos

As always, we have been adding more videos for you guys to our YouTube channel! We have managed to get three this month with a sponsored s2000 feature car, AN fitting guide, and a free giveaway.

S2000 video:

Assemble AN fittings:

£150 store credit giveaway:

As always thank you for reading, be sure to grab yourself a FREE lanyard and keyring for spending over £100 on the website and make sure to follow our social media channels for updates as soon as they get released.