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Exoracing | Are turbo blankets really worth it?

Exoracing | Are turbo blankets really worth it?

Posted by Matthew Marks on 23rd May 2020

What is a turbo blanket?

Turbochargers are becoming more popular nowadays due to the massive power increase that is achievable over a naturally aspirated application. They work by compressing the air coming into the engine flowing it faster than usual, and exiting through the exhaust. Because of this a turbocharger creates a massive amount of heat through the exhaust side, or as it's more commonly known the hot side of the turbo. This is where a turbo blanket comes in! They sit over the hot side of the turbo and keep the heat in, hence the term turbo blanket.

Why do we need them?

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When a car has a turbocharger fitted it creates a massive amount of heat in the engine bay. This decreases performance as the colder the air going into the engine the more power the car can make. Turbo blankets were designed with this in mind, and have a few benefits such as:

  1. Keeping the engine bay cooler
  2. Saving vital components from heat failure
  3. Faster turbo spool creating less lag
  4. Keeping mechanics safe when working next to hot turbos

Should I use one?

Most standard cars from factory nowadays have a turbocharger fitted as standard, so is a very simple upgrade to gain a bit of extra power and spool. However when you start looking for more power it is a must. When increasing your car's horsepower you are also creating more heat in the engine bay, so trying to get this as low as possible is great for longevity of parts, and power. There are many turbo conversions being completed every day, but sometimes skip over key factors such as heat management, which is where we've stepped in to help!

We offer a range of turbo blankets to fit many turbochargers from factory turbos to high end performance models.

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Not sure on which turbo blanket you may need for your application? Give us a message on our contact form, we are more than happy to assist you and find the correct one for you! Alternatively, leave us a comment below with your thoughts or questions.