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Exoracing | Honda Civic FN2 Fan Shroud Fitting Guide

Exoracing | Honda Civic FN2 Fan Shroud Fitting Guide

Posted by Brett Seargent on 27th Jul 2020

Fan Shroud Installation

Note this was installed on a tegiwa radiator which the OEM fans fitted perfectly and required no modification so the following will apply to both.

This is a fairly straight forward process and simply requires you to remove the radiator and unbolt the old fans (4 x 10mm m6 bolts) and 3 plugs ( 2 x fan plugs at top and the temperature sensor at the bottom) then you can install the fans which is only 4 bolts due to the fans been enclosed in the laser cut aluminium shroud.

Bolting the Spal fans on is an easy, effortless task. The two bottom are the ones to sort first and will need the O-ring provided and the metal collars putting in the holes then the bolt through and fortunately the washer is designed for a spanner so you can tighten it up. Top is then a simple line up and bolt.

Now the hardest part of this is the electrical side of things the fans come with two twin pin white connectors which is a standard for SPAL fans, but obviously the OEM loom is not directly compatible.

I chose here to chop the white connector off the fan and the OEM one and replace both with a waterproof Deutsch connector pictured below. The polarity here is IMPORTANT if you get this wrong you will blow air the wrong direction (should blow into the bay for rad and out for AC) the other important thing to know here is that the secondary fan (Drivers side) is for the air conditioning and will only work with the aircon on. it is also reversed blade wise so consider this when wiring as the SPAL ones both have blades identical unlike your OEM fans.

Wiring polarity table:

Car Passenger side Fan Passenger side Car Drivers side Fan Drivers Side
Red + Blue + Black + Blue +
Brown - Black - Blue - Black -

Pictures of the install:


This was a very well built and clearly well thought out item. This was designed by Exoracing in house and that shows from start to finish with the quality of the materials to the thought and detail into how easy it was to install. All in all, this took me approximately 1.5 hours from start to finish though this will vary on your competence in ripping your own car to bits. I have yet to use the fans in anger to see any outright cooling benefits and will update this review if possible once I have tested these.

Overall these are a very nice upgrade from the oversized OEM fans and give you more room if you’re running chargers etc. down behind the radiator and obviously come with the aesthetically pleasing laser cut aluminium adding at least 10-15 scene points minimum.

10/10 would purchase and recommend to a friend.

Turbocharged FN2 spec list:

  • -Honda Civic Type R FN2 GT
  • -Night Hawk Black
  • -629.9 bhp / 448.3 ftlb
  • -Competition Clutch Stage 4
  • -Mfactory Lightened Flywheel
  • -Wavetrac LSD
  • -Gear X 1-4 Drag II Kit
  • -4.3 Final Drive
  • -TDI North Turbo Kit
  • -Garrett GT30
  • -Twin Pass FMIC
  • -Turbo Smart Wastegate
  • -Turbo Smart Blow off valve
  • -ECUTEK Mapping
  • -Advan Model 6 Hollow Spoke Wheels
  • -D2 8 Pot 330mm Semi Floating Brakes
  • -Tegiwa Radiator
  • -Exoracing 2442cfm fan shroud kit
  • -HKS Hypermax III Coilovers
  • -CSK Twin Exit 3” Exhaust
  • -Tegiwa Vented Carbon Bonnet
  • -BYC Bonnet Pins
  • -BYC Bumper Pins
  • -Type R Kits Mugen Rep Front Splitter
  • -Type R Kits Mugen Rep Spoiler
  • -Type R Kits Mugen Carbon Grille
  • -Type R Kits Mugen Vented Wings
  • -Takata 2.5inch 4-point Harnesses
  • -Takata Race LE Seats X2
  • -Saftey Devices 6-point Roll Cage
  • -Ktuned TSX Short shifter
  • -Ktuned Civic SI Cables
  • -Ktuned Fuel Rail
  • -Ktuned Fuel Rail Gauge
  • -Fully Forged K20 short block (clockwise)
  • -Super tech valvetrain
  • -Custom headlights (projectors / halos )

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