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February 2021 update packaging and more!

February 2021 update packaging and more!

Posted by Matthew Marks on 2nd Mar 2021

Welcome back to our monthly blog update! Since December, we have not been able to find the time to do a blog, so we will try to cram as much in here as we can with all the new things we have had going on and have been up to since then. We are slightly late on this one, but the massive surge of orders we had at the end of last month delayed our post.

New Exoracing Packaging

There is one thing more than most that we have been incredibly excited about over the last few months. We have always tried to make the best packaging we can, so we decided to get fully printed boxes which came out MUCH better than we had ever anticipated!

We now get more feedback on our boxes than anything else, which is insane. If you follow our social media, we've been slowly boxing up all of our products, so they are ready to send out, such as the billet gauge holders, billet k20 thermostat housings, 3d printed gauge holders etc.

Everyone who places an order over £50 through our website can fit your products into one of our brand-new boxes; we will endeavour to do so. In the meantime, we have added a photo of our new box to let you see them close up. Let us know what you think of our new packages and make sure, as always, to send us any photos you get of them. (we have had some strange images so far, haha!)

exoracing boxes

New Brands

We have added loads of new brands over the last few months, and you’ve more than likely heard of most of them as they are some of the biggest brands in the world.

First up, we have acuity, best known for short shifters or hall effect throttle position sensors. Their products are the perfect addition to any car, whether track or road-based.

Acuity shifter

Next up, we have RPB and RPC, which are hugely popular brands for clutch or braking kits. For the money, the RPB brake discs are one of the best on the market and have substantial performance benefits over their OEM counterpart.

Once combined with their premium quality braided brake lines, you will significantly increase braking response and pedal feel.

We have been asked for a range of engine mounts for a while now, so who better than Hasport. The latter manufacture almost every billet aluminium Honda engine mount whilst offering different degrees of stiffness depending on whether you are running a street or all-out race car.

Again, we have not had a good option available on the website for harnesses, so Takata was the obvious choice for this.

They have been around for longer than we can even remember and are at the forefront of safety in most race cars! With their signature green or black look, most people will instantly recognise the quality when they lay eyes on them.

takata harness

Lastly, we have added grams performance specialists in fuelling options. They have a massive range from 550cc to 2200cc injectors, fuel pumps, fuel pressure regulators; the list goes on. They are becoming the first thought when upgrading your fuel system, being slightly cheaper than some competition while maintaining a high-quality standard.

New website photos

We have been meaning to sort out the photo quality on the website for a while, so this week we have been over the entire website and either retaken or edited most of our old photos.

You may notice some of the images have already changed, and if a few are not as good as the others, they will be changed in the next week or so!

Your shopping will become much more accessible, with all photos being enlarged by an average of 30%, scrolling through the website will be much easier on smaller devices.

exoracing billet thermostat housing

Turbo civic AWD conversion

We have now ordered all our parts for the AWD conversion on the widebody turbo civic.

We decided to go for the wavetrac AWD differential to keep as much power to the ground as possible while upgrading the gearbox synchros to carbon synchrotech.

The complete spec list will be coming in a future blog post, so look out for that, and there will be a series on our YouTube over the coming weeks where we are hoping to film the entire conversion for any of you guys looking to convert to AWD, so make sure to subscribe to our YouTube!

Merch restocking

We have been incredibly low on merchandise since black Friday pretty much wiped out our entire stock so that we will be restocking on all black, grey, and purple hoodies and the boostasaurus and NSX t-shirts.

The stock is due in around two weeks, so wait for our social media posts on that one to grab them as soon as you can! We also have a brand-new lanyard design coming up and brand new flight tags, so keep an eye out for those. Who knows, we might even be giving them away for free with orders.

exoracing nsx tshirt

K20/k24 Alternator relocation kit v2

As you are probably aware, we completely sold out our first batch of alternator relocation kits, so a massive thank you to everyone who ordered!

Bearing in mind that we would get a larger batch manufactured this time, we thought, why not change the design slightly and keep things fresh! We have made a few changes to the design aesthetically, but the alternator etc. will stay in the same place as the last kit. This change was more for our well-being than anything else as it is always worth trying to improve on everything you do!

New YouTube videos

We have released a few videos in the last few weeks, such as our testing video on our brand new V3 turbo blankets:

The full start to finish of us upgrading the fuel system in our widebody turbo civic:

Plus, our first ever YouTube giveaway (and not the last):

We have not had a tremendous amount of time updating you guys via our YouTube channel, so the upload schedule has been a bit slower than we would like. Rest assured, we have loads of new content coming up, including the AWD conversion on our turbo civic, as mentioned earlier, some product testing videos, product installation, and some beautiful turbo noises!

Thank you for reading, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to get updates as soon as we release them!