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March 2021 Blog Update titanium kits and more!

March 2021 Blog Update titanium kits and more!

Posted by Matthew Marks on 26th Mar 2021

Welcome back to our monthly blog update! As always, we have had an incredible amount going on this month, from titanium bolt kits to new brands added to the website.

We have also been adding more videos to our YouTube channel, with our ep3 3d printed gauge holder installation and feature video on the 400bhp r34 Nissan skyline in bayside blue, which is one not to miss! You guys have also ramped up the orders, so most of our time we have not spent sorting new products has been spent getting as many parcels out the door as we can.

Titanium bolt kits

We have had a spare k20 engine in our unit for quite a while, which we have a full 3d scan of to develop a whole host of parts such as:

So, we thought, why not make titanium bolt kits. We started by measuring the length of the OEM bolts, and with some help from a few friends, also with k20 engines (mainly Jordan), managed to piece together five kits to date!

Following this, we decided it was time also to show the mighty b series engine some love, so we have just picked up our brand-new vapour blasted b series engine!

Expect many more K and B series kits in the coming weeks, hopefully with a complete catalogue for these, including engine bolts, gearbox bolts etc. Make sure to follow our social media channels for the newest updates as soon as they are live!

K20 water pump titanium bolt kit

New brands added

We have always been hard at work adding more brands to the website. This month we have only added 2, but they are two of the most recognised brands in the Japanese performance scene, being:

AEM are specialists in performance electronics and are one of the world's leaders regarding gauges or fuelling components. They have an incredible range running from digital gauges to analogue gauges to high flow fuel pumps and performance fuel pressure regulators.

Aem digital 52mm air fuel ratio gauge

Hasport, on the other hand, are one of the largest manufacturers of engine swap components for Honda and Acura chassis. They offer a wide range of bushing levels from the street level U62A to full race inserts, the solid billet 6061. If you own a Honda, you’ve probably heard of Hasport if not already owned one of their engine mount kits, as they are affordable and one of the highest quality on the market.

New Products

Toyota Supra Fan Shroud

This month, the most significant product we have added to our arsenal is the radiator fan shroud kit fitting the legendary mk4 Toyota supra.

The 2jz supra suffers from parasitic loss from the sizeable viscous fan mounted from the factory, so we have designed a high flow electric fan shroud kit that utilises SPAL fans as they have one of the most increased flow options on the market.

We offer this shroud in 3 different flow rates, 2336cfm, 2774cfm and 3436cfm from streetcar applications to full-blown race cars, starting from only £249.99! These will fit any aftermarket mk4 supra radiator with the OEM mounting tab locations for the OEM shroud.

exoracing toyota supra fan shroud

Black Billet Thermostat Housings

After the massive response to our silver billet k20 thermostat housings, we decided to now also get them in anodised black to match your builds. Adding a black variation is not a tremendous product change, but more an option for the people who have requested black in the past and us not able to offer it on a fast enough timescale. They are first rumbled, then anodised in black for a slightly textured beautiful finish, with the same finish as our alternator relocation kits.

Merchandise Restock | New Products

We had a massive restock on merchandise, which we have been out of stock of for a while now. All hoodies, boostasaurus t-shirts, and NSX t-shirts have now been fully restocked (apart from purple hoodies)

We have also added three new products to our merchandise line: the v2 purple boostasaurus lanyards, purple exoracing keyrings, and one that has been asked for since we can remember 5-panel snapbacks. The summer is coming up, and it is the perfect time to grab yourself some of our merchandise to represent your favourite brand and be one of the first to have our brand-new merch!

New Website Promotion

Finally, we have a promotion running from now until we run out of stock of these products. Spend over £50 on the website; you will bag yourself a free Exoracing v2 purple lanyard, spend over £100, and you will get a lanyard plus a brand-new keyring. We just wanted to give back a little something to everyone who orders to show our appreciation!

New Youtube Videos

We have filmed many videos this month, but our main ones to watch are the 400bhp bayside blue R34 Nissan skyline feature:

Our 3d printed ep3 gauge holder installation guide:

Our Widebody turbo civic AFR testing pulls video:

The Mazda mx5 burnout video:

As always thank you for reading, be sure to grab yourself a FREE lanyard and keyring, and make sure to follow our social media channels for updates as soon as they get released.