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Exoracing Fuel Pressure Gauge Liquid 0-100psi Oil Pressure Gauge Fuel Gauge Black Face

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Fuel pressure gauges are screwed into the fuel rail to give accurate realtime readings of the fuel pressure running through the system. these are incredibly useful when tuning, or fault finding! They are filled with liquid to keep the needle still and stop it from breaking due to vibration.
  • Compact sized fuel pressure Gauge. Proper fuel pressure is critical for adjusting your carburetor or fuel system.
  • Liquid keeps the needle steady, which is extremely critical during engine operation.
  • Universal Liquid Filled Fuel Pressure / Oil Pressure Gauge
  • 0-160 psi
  • Thread Type: 1/8" NPT
  • Color: BLACK
  • CNC Machined From AL6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Case With Liquid Filled Internals and Brass Internals

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