Honda Civic FN2 RH Air Vent Gauge Holder 52mm depo aem greddy

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A custom designed 3D Printed gauge holder designed to take a 52mm diameter gauge that can be mounted in place of the OEM air vent to the right of the steering wheel on RHD cars.

To fit you will need to carefully pry off the heater control panel (it is recommended to use thin plastic pry bars to prevent damage to the surrounding dash panel). Using a Philips head screw driver remove the 2 screws holding the air vent in place, swap in the gauge holder and snap into place, the screws are not required to fit the gauge holder. You are now free to install your gauge and re-fit the panel.

- To fit 52mm diameter Gauges.

- 3D Printed using a commercial grade Stratasys F270 3D Printer.

- Printed in super strong ABS+ material.

- Fits in place of the original air vent to the right of the steering wheel (RHD).