We are always getting messages through email/ instagram/ facebook about sponsorship, so now have decided to add them all in one place! Over the years we've supplied loads of parts to you guys and love every photo you send back to us! (many of you have been featured on our social media channels already) We have now decided it's time to give back and keep the sponsorship programme open for everyone to enter!

Applying is easy and simple all you need to do is copy and paste the form below into an email, fill out the relevant sections and send it back to us! If you don't hear anything from us then unfortunately you haven't been accepted this time, but you can always apply again in the future as your build progresses. As we are going to have to manually go through every email ( we get hundreds every time we are open for sponsorship) the response time may not be fast, but we will look at every email coming in!

We have included a section where you can add all of the products you want from us! It's a wishlist of sorts, and if you get chosen we can straight away work out a special deal on all the parts on the list!



- Personal discount code for 20% off our website

- Followers discount code for 10% off our website

- Your build shared often on our website/social media channels

- Your build featured on our website

- Free extras with orders



- To complete the form below and email back to us

- Be active on social media channels, and help to push us as much as we help you!

- Rep us at shows/events (tshirts, stickers, etc)


Please copy and paste the below into an email and send to sales@exoracing.co.uk with the subject being Exoracing sponsorship.


Full name:




Car make and model:

Team/club name (if applicable):

Instagram username:

Youtube channel:

Exoracing parts you currently have fitted:

Exoracing parts wish list (include as many parts as you want!):


Photos of you car in high quality (exterior, interior, bay shots, and any of our parts fitted currently. please attach to email)



We look forward to seeing all of your entries!

If you're one of the lucky ones, then welcome to the team in advance!

- Exoracing