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Speedfactory Fill Pot 32mm Outlet B16 Street Version

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Whether you have a custom radiator or a SpeedFactory Race/Tucked radiator for your application, you need a proper way to fill and bleed air from your B-Series engine's cooling system from the highest point- and we have the solution.

Unlike our Race Series Cooling System Fill Pots, our Street Series Fill Pots are compatible with all factory surrounding components (including your factory distributor and VTEC Solenoid) , will fit most aftermarket radiator setups, and will change the high point of your cooling system for easy filling and system air bleeding. Your cooling system's capacity will also be increased by roughly .75 quarts. A SpeedFactory Titanium Oil Pressure Switch Delete is included (raw finish)!

Each SpeedFactory Street Series Cooling System Fill Pot includes a SpeedFactory 18.8 PSI radiator cap; which will add a significant amount of cooling efficiency to your car - especially for those hotter days. The increased coolant pressure via the SpeedFactory Radiator Cap raises the boiling point of your cooling system, which can give you some extra insurance against engine failure or detonation in extreme conditions.

Our pots are manufactured in-house using high quality aluminum materials and feature CNC-cut components and head flanges to ensure a perfect fit every time.

SpeedFactory Racing B-Series Cooling System Fill Pots are available for B16/ Integra Type R/ GS-R  cylinder heads in -16AN or 32mm (standard hose end) configurations.

 *** Note : Your VTEC Oil Pressure Switch must be removed for clearance and plugged with the included Titanium plug prior to installation.

Installation: Simply remove your VTEC Oil Pressure Switch (If equipped) and install the included bolt, re-using your factory O-Ring.

Please see OBD1 wiring notes below if necessary.

Wiring: Many common OBD1 and OBD2 JDM engines do not have a VTEC Oil Pressure Switch. The corresponding JDM ECUs for these engines do not use the pressure switch, so this will not be an issue. However, when using a USDM ECU on a JDM or USDM engine that does not have a VTEC Oil Pressure Switch, you will encounter a problem with VTEC not engaging because the USDM ECU will not be receiving the signal from the VTEC Pressure Switch.

The VTEC Oil Pressure Switch Wiring can be easily bypassed as follows:
1) Locate the VTEC Oil Pressure Switch Plug on your engine harness (this wire comes from OBD1 ECU Pin D6).
2) Simply TAP this wire into the VTEC Solenoid Valve Wire (the VTEC solenoid wire comes from OBD1 ECU Pin A4).
**Do not cut the VTEC Solenoid Wire (A4), simply connect the VTEC Pressure Switch wire to it.
3) Your ECU will now believe that it has a VTEC Oil Pressure Switch connected and your VTEC will now function properly.

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