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May 2021 Blog Update New Brands

May 2021 Blog Update New Brands

Posted by Kym Allen on 11th Jun 2021

Exoracing | MAY 2021 Update

Welcome back to our monthly update blog. It has been a busy month here at Exoracing. We have been adding more and more products onto the website, including a few of our own. We are also excited to say that our 4WD system is now well on the way with the civic. Keep reading to learn more about what has been going on this month at Exoracing.

Brand Section

By far, the most significant and most exciting announcement we have when it comes to our brand section would be our new range of Hybrid Racing stock.

Hybrid Racing has been around now for just over two decades, and a company that sticks around for that long knows a thing or two about quality parts at reasonable prices. As many of you know that follow us, we are Japanese car specialists, but we have a soft spot for Hondas.

Hybrid Racing has been developing parts for Hondas now for over 20 years, which is why we decided they would be a brand we would love to supply to you guys. They cover all aspects of making your Honda go faster, from shifters to bushes, dress-up goodies, to fuel rails!

Hybrid racing shifter

We have been putting in the hours on our brand section for the website this month. We have not added many new brands but instead focused our time on broadening the range of existing brand products.

The entire Skunk2 category has been revamped and brought in more products that we think you guys will need. Turbosmart is also a brand that we trust and use ourselves, so we have spent more time adding some of their top-quality products onto our website.

When it comes to fuel pumps, Walbro offers a superb range of cost-effective and reliable products. Again, we have been expanding the scope of pumps we can supply to help when it comes to most builds.

We were looking through our catalogue of products we currently supply and are focusing on the brands that have been tried and tested, which we know will not let our customers down.

For this reason, we have also decided to expand our range of RPC performance clutches and flywheels. Their high-quality manufacturing and knowledge of Japanese performance cars make backing their brand a no brainer.

The last brand that we wanted to focus on was Yellow Speed Racing. Whilst in the UK, Yellow Speed are not as established as some other brands, they have been dominating the market in the US where the company was first established. We have also been testing them on our cars and are blown away by the build quality and the ride that Yellow Speed Racing provide. We have been pushing to supply the most comprehensive range possible and have updated the Yellow Speed brand section on the website.

Yellow speed racing coilovers


The brand section has been taking up much of our time; however, we have managed to put our EP3 twin fan shrouds into production and have already started selling them.

Many hours of design work and thought had to go into these shrouds, overcoming challenging mounting points and a limited amount of space. From the design stage to small details like fitting kits and packaging to keep them safe on the way to you guys, these shrouds are now on the shelf and ready to go.

We have a few options available in stock:

We have also added reflective heat sleeving to our product arsenal, and now stock gold velcro sleeving and silver sewed sleeving. They are both very good at keeping radiant heat away from pipes such as oil feed/drains, power steering lines, coolant lines etc.

Ep3 twin radiator shroud


Although we have not released as many videos as we wanted to this month, we are super excited about our most recent release; Part 1 of the AWD civic build.

Undertaking a job as involved always takes more time than expected, from assuming certain parts will work to making sense of the conflicting information online. In this video, our job was to take the standard gearbox from a Honda CRV and fit the Synchrotech carbon synchros along with parts of the S9B gearset, SpeedFactory shims and modified gear selector.

The challenge we had building this gearbox was the lack of information online. Although we could get the kit straight from SpeedFactory and their modified gear selector, we have a few issues with the shimming of a few parts, resulting in countless tests of the gearbox with different shims and positions.

Fortunately, with some help from our knowledgeable friends, we figured out the correct configuration, which we have included in the video to help anybody else considering doing the AWD swap to their Honda. Ensure to subscribe to our channel if you would like to follow the rest of the AWD Civic build.

Thanks for taking a look at our monthly update, make sure to get a FREE lanyard and keyring from our store when spending £100 or more, and keep your eyes out for more updates on our social media channels.