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What are the benefits of exhaust wrap?

What are the benefits of exhaust wrap?

Posted by Matthew Marks on 15th Jul 2020

What is exhaust heat wrap?

Exhaust wrap is designed to wrap around the manifold and exhaust of a car, stopping as much heat as possible radiating from the exhaust into the engine compartment. Because of this, it will help lower the temperature of the engine bay, which will give lower intake air temperatures, in turn increasing horsepower.

Exhaust wrap

Why do we need exhaust wrap?

A car's exhaust system carries out the hot exhaust gas from the engine, which can reach temperatures of up to 1200 degrees in some extreme applications.

The effects of a hot manifold and exhaust system can negatively impact the overall performance of an engine due to intake air temperature. An engine is designed to run at an optimal temperature, making peak power. Usually, the cooler the intake temperatures, the better an engine will perform and the more power it will make.

In some applications, the cooling system on a car is not enough to keep the engine at optimal temperatures, resulting in heat soak to engine components which will dramatically reduce the efficiency and power.

As well as the efficiency and power being affected by temperature, having too much heat in an engine bay can cause unnecessary wear and strain on delicate components that are not designed to operate in extreme engine bay temperatures. Items such as bearings, fluid lines and wiring can become damaged with overexposure to heat.

Now the exhaust wrap comes in; it wraps around the exhaust and keeps in most of the heat as to not let it escape into the engine bay.

Exhaust wrap

Should I use exhaust wrap on my car?

To answer that, it would depend on how much power you are trying to gain and adding forced induction or power modifications to a naturally aspirated engine.

Most cars out of the factory will have an adequate cooling system that will be more than enough to keep the engine bay at optimal operating temperatures; however, more power comes more heat.

By forcing more air through the engine and making more power, the exhaust, in turn, will become hotter.

Turbos and superchargers are also negatively affected by heat soak and will dramatically reduce the performance and the life span of these components.

However, even a car running standard power can see high enough exhaust temperatures to harm the engine if driven hard for long periods, such as track and drift applications.

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