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Exoracing AN Black Nylon Braided Hose 1.0m

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£19.99 - £79.99 (Inc. VAT)
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Why use Exoracing AN Black Nylon Braided Hose?

At Exoracing, we understand that performance-oriented vehicles require special attention and reliable parts. High-quality fuel, water, and oil hoses are necessary for motorsport and safety, as any leaks could potentially be catastrophic.

Our nylon braided hose is made to be used specifically with swivel hose ends, giving you an excellent seal that will hold far more pressure than you could generate in your car's oil/fuel or water systems.

We often find people trying to use Jubilee clips or generic hose clamps with braided hoses; whilst this might be okay for a breather system under low pressure, we strongly recommend not using them for anything else, as it will not guarantee a perfect seal.

It's also important to note a rubber-centred hose like this is to be used with a swivel seal hose end, whereas a PTFE-centred hose MUST be used with a PTFE hose end. 

You may have noticed that our braided hose is available with black nylon or stainless steel braiding. The black nylon braid is a better option if you feed the hose through a tight radius, as it gives more flexibility than the stainless braiding. In contrast, the stainless braid offers more protection in areas where the hose can rub against other components or the chassis. 

The rubber hose encased in braiding is an excellent option for many applications; however, we also offer a PTFE braided hose and push lock hose. Rubber braided hose provides more flexibility than rubber and is also more affordable.

However, it's vital if you are running fuel lines through the cabin of your car that you use PTFE, as the rubber hose will excrete fuel vapours, which can be harmful to your health and is also very dangerous in case of a fire! The other example of an application where PTFE must be used instead of rubber is a fuel line with high ethanol content fuel. 

AN sizing has been used with our lines and fitting, ensuring everything is simple to pair up, and is universally used in the automotive industry.

Our hose is available in uncut lengths up to 20m! So if you order 4 x 1 meter of hose, you will receive an uncut length of 4 meters, not 4 individual meters of hose! 


  • Can be used for fuel/coolant/oil lines.
  • Extremely versatile.
  • Nylon braid with synthetic rubber inside.
  • Not Suitable for race fuel (PTFE hose can be used for this).
  • Core: Reinforced Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE).
  • Must be used with swivel hose ends.
  • Sized to be used with AN fittings.
  • Supplied in uncut lengths up to 20m.
  • Length 1.0m.

Exoracing Black Nylon Braided Hose Installation Guide?

Making up your braided hoses is a simple operation. However, there are quite a few steps to follow that we couldn't squeeze into this description. We have written a handy blog that covers everything you need to know with pictures to help, and you can find that here: 

AN fitting installation guide


Hose type Outer Braid Minimum working temperature Maximum working temperature Maximum continuous pressure Bursting pressure Compatible hose end types
Stainless steel reinforced Chlorinated Polyethylene (Synthetic Rubber) Nylon braid -40 °c 150 °c 350psi 1400psi Swivel seal hose end/Forged swivel seal hose end


AN Size* Male Thread Size Hose ID Hose OD
AN04 7/16" -20 5.4mm 11.2mm
AN06 9/16" -18 8.7mm 14.2mm
AN08 3/4" -16 11.1mm 17.1mm
AN10 7/8" -14 14.2mm 20.8mm
AN12 1-1/16" -12 17.4mm 24.4mm
AN16 1-5/16" -12 22.2mm 30.5mm
AN20 1-5/8" -12 28.5mm 35.81mm


  • Professional installation is always recommended.
  • The correct hose ends must be used to avoid leaks.
  • Our rubber braided hose is NOT compatible with high ethanol content racing fuels; PTFE hose must used. 
Nylon Braided Rubber Hose