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Radiator Fan Shroud 2442Cfm For Honda Civic Ep3

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Our high-end radiator fan shrouds are fully designed in house and manufactured locally, our process starts by finding an original, or a popular aftermarket, radiator to scan in with our high-end 3D Scanning equipment, once we have a fully digitised copy of the radiator, we then go about selecting an appropriate cooling fan based on air flow and under fan surface area. We then import the CAD model and position it over our radiator and get to work designing a fan mounting bracket to tie everything neatly together.

For our type of fan mounting kits to work effectively the fan must be mounted as close as possible to the radiator. Our shroud kits are designed to mount the fan approximately 3-5mm away from the core surface whilst being careful not to touch and potentially damage the core under extreme use. The shrouds are laser cut from 3mm thick aluminium and are CNC folded to ensure the fit is perfect and all holes align as expected. To mount the fan to the shroud we use press fit studs which are perfectly flush underneath, this ensures no sharp edges can potentially damage the core should it make contact.

Our fan shrouds are designed primarily for fast road or track days applications, or where further clearance is required that can't be obtained with the OEM setup. The shrouds are designed with two goals in mind, clearance, and reduced airflow resistance at speed to offer superior cooling where it is needed. There is a common misconception that fully shrouded fans are better full stop, and yes this is correct to a degree but only for very specific use cases. Auto manufacturers design a radiator and shroud combo to be able to cool the engine sufficiently in a worst-case situation; a high load, low air speed, high ambient temperature scenario such as towing a caravan uphill for a prolonged length of time on a hot summers day! Opening the aperture around the fan itself allow our shrouds to offer less resistance at higher road speeds and improve cooling efficiency as a result.

Some of our shroud kits are available with different fans, either standard or high performance. There as so many factors involved in determining the correct airflow requirements but as a rule of thumb, we would say the following: shrouds with 'standard' fans are best suited to applications with up to 51mm (2") thick radiators or with naturally aspirated engines. The high-performance fans would be better suited for use with extra thick radiators, radiator packages with intercoolers further upstream or in extremely hot climates.


  • Made from 3mm thick laser cut aluminium and CNC folded for strength and precision.
  • Textured high temperature powder coat finish for excellent aesthetics and durability.
  • Lighter than OEM fan shrouds with the standard fan option.
  • High flow mounting design doesn't restrict airflow at speed - ideal for race or drift applications.
  • Flush fit to reduce fan depth as much as possible.
  • Perfect fitment due to extensive R&D and design tools available.
  • Uses original fan mounting locations for ease of installation.
  • We only use high end SPAL radiator fans in our kits which are manufactured in Italy.
Specification Metric Imperial & Other
Airflow Max 4140 m3/hr 2442 cfm
Weight 3 kg 6.6 lbs
Blade Diameter ∅ 305mm ∅ 12.0"
Housing Diameter ∅ 319mm ∅ 12.56"
Depth ∅ 62.1mm ∅ 2.45"
Voltage 12v
Current Continuous 11.8 - 12.7a
Power Consumption 141.6 - 152.4w
Fan Type Pull
Motor Type Standard Plus
Protection IP68 Certified
Warranty 36 Months
Manufacturer SPAL Automotive
Certifications UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001
Part Number VA10-AP50/C-61A


  • Please note that no radiator is supplied with this kit.
  • For twin fan shroud kits, it is recommended to use a dual stage radiator fan switch so the fans can be brought in sequentially reducing the sudden load that would otherwise be placed on the electrical system.
  • No female plug connector is included, it is recommended to cut off the plug and use an aftermarket 2 pin waterproof connector.
Fan Shroud
Honda Civic EP3
Flow Rate:
Heat Management