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Exoracing Silicone Hose Kit For Honda Civic B16 B18 6pc

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Why Use An Exoracing B16/B18 Silicone Hose Kit?

If you own a B-series Honda and still have the OEM coolant hoses, it's time to swap them out. Over time the OEM rubber hoses will crack and deteriorate. These engines are around 30 years old, so the OEM rubber hoses are likely not up to the job.

This is where our Silicone hose kit comes in handy! We understand that OEM rubber hoses can become brittle and prone to failure over time, so we have created a more durable and reliable alternative.

Our Exoracing B-series silicone hose kit has six 4-ply reinforced silicone hoses resistant to cracking, bursting, and discolouration. This means you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle's cooling system is well-protected and functioning at its best.

Moreover, our silicone hoses are designed to withstand extreme temperatures from -65 to 500 degrees without distorting. This is far more than your cooling system will ever produce, making our hose kits an excellent investment for any Honda owner.

If you want to see every hose we include in the kit, please see the table we've added at the bottom, as we have cross-referenced every OEM part number with our kit to simplify installation.

So, if you want to ensure the longevity and performance of your vehicle, check out our Exoracing silicone hose kits today!

We also offer a massive Exoracing lifetime warranty on all of our silicone hoses, which provides peace of mind and a risk-free experience.

Purchase Includes:

  • 6 x Exoracing Silicone Hoses
  • 1 x Exoracing Lifetime Warranty


  • Manufactured from high-quality 4-ply reinforced Silicone.
  • Resistant to UV, water and high temperature, with anti-ageing properties.
  • Excellent electrical insulation and physiological stability.
  • 6 Silicone Hoses, a direct replacement for the original hoses.
  • Thickness: 4.5mm
  • Working Pressure: 85 PSI
  • Burst Pressure: 245 PSI
  • Withstands Operating Temperatures: from -65F to 500F Degrees
  • Fitment: Honda Civic Integra B16/B18 (not B18c4)
  • Available in Black, Blue and Red
  • Exoracing Lifetime Warranty

Exoracing Honda B16 B18 Silicone Hose Kit Installation Guide:

Follow the steps below to quickly and easily install your brand-new Exoracing silicone hose kit. If you are unsure about any of the steps below, please get in touch with a professional to install it.

  1. Ensure the cooling system is cold to the touch before installing it to avoid the risk of burns.
  2. Jack the car up, using all safety precautions, and use axle stands under the designated points to ensure it is safe to work on.
  3. Next, grab a drain pan or bucket, and remove the drain bung at the bottom of the radiator to remove coolant from the system.
  4. Once the coolant has fully drained, remove the hoses one by one and match them to the table below.
  5. Push on the hoses and secure the clips on either end, making sure they are fully seated.
  6. Repeat step 5 for every hose in the kit.
  7. Once you are happy all the hoses are tight, fill the system back up with Genuine Honda coolant.
  8. Remove the axle stands and let the car back down to the floor.
  9. Bleed the system to ensure you have removed all the air to get the most out of your brand-new Exoracing silicone hose kit and cooling system.
  10. You are all done! Remember to tag us in any photos on social media, as we would love to see your engine bay! 

We have now written a full guide detailing how to install the hoses from start to finish, so click the link below to head over to this guide. Although in the video, we installed a Honda D-Series hose kit, the same process would apply to any hose kit you are trying to install:

How to install a silicone hose kit

Technical Specifications:

B-Series Hose Kit Size: 6 Piece Kit
Colours Available: Black, Blue, Red
Material: High-Grade 4-Ply Silicone
Fitment: Honda Civic B16/B18
Minimum Temperature: -65°F/-54°C
Maximum Temperature: 500°F/260°C
Hose Thickness: 4.5mm
Working Pressure: 85Psi
Burst Pressure: 245Psi
Warranty: Exoracing Lifetime Warranty

Exoracing B-Series Silicone Hose Kit Location Table:

Please use the lookup table below to find where each silicone hose fits into your system or if you have an OEM Honda part number to cross-reference the correct hose.

We've also included a diagram in the images at the top to show you which silicone hose in the kit matches each OE hose to make installation easier!

Hose Number

Hose Location

OE Honda Part Number

1 Upper Radiator Hose 19501P30000
2 Lower Radiator Hose 19502P30000
3 Water Bypass Outlet Hose 19508P08000
4 Heater Hose 79725S04J30
5 Heater Hose 79721SR3J30
6 Heater Hose 79722SR3000


  • This kit will not fit a B18c4 out of the box, but it can be made to fit with some modification (the warranty doesn't apply if the kit is modified).
  • Professional installation is always recommended.
Radiator Hose Kit
Heat Management
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