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Exoracing silver Brake proportion bias adjustable prop valve knob type

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Brake bias valves are neccesary in motorsport to optimize front to rear braking bias or brake balance. This is extremely useful when you need to add more or less to the front or rear of the vehicle to get your quickest lap times, and adjust the car to work in unison with how you drive. Brake bias valves are spring loaded and activates once you press the brake pedal and pressure has build up enough at the valve. Next the valves plunger will unseat and the fluid will disperse through the valve and the desired ratio.You will always benefit from using a brake bias valve as it allows you to not lock up under heavy braking and can always control exactly how much front and rear braking you need.



  • 150psi - 1200psi range
  • Enhances braking control
  • Helps with turning under braking
  • A must have for race cars, drift cars, time attack etc
  • Motorsport use only

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