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Grams Performance 4 Port Fuel Pressure Regulator

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Fuel is one of the most important systems in your vehicle. Too much fuel causes the vehicle to run rich, resulting in the vehicle smoking and getting poor fuel economy.

It can even wash out piston rings and keep them from sealing, over time causing increased and excess oil consumption, or even preventing a new engine from properly breaking in and being forever wrought with oil consumption issues and low compression.

Too little and the car runs lean, causing excess engine heat and issues with fuel starvation such as burnt spark plug tips or even a melted valve, among a wealth of other issues. Worst case scenario in both? Complete engine FAILURE.


For these specific reasons, Grams Performance provides high quality solutions such as our Fuel Pressure Regulators. Our regulators provide precise control of the pressures in your fuel system, allowing adjustments from 30psi up to 118psi (2 to 8 bar) of pressure.

Featuring high quality, precision machined hardware, a specially developed stainless steel internal orifice, and a high pressure internal spring. The top half is anodized black while the lower half is hard anodized for durability against the elements and heavy use and abuse. 

Made specifically for specialty, universal applications that require an extreme amount of fuel volume and flow, this regulator features FOUR -08 AN ORB inlets and one -06 AN ORB outlets for systems with multiple separate fuel pumps.

Also includes a 1/8in NPT Boost/Vacuum port and is pre-drilled for a mounting bracket.


  • 30 - 118 psi (2 – 8 bar). pressure range
  • FOUR AN06 ORB Inlet Ports
  • ONE AN06 ORB Outlet Ports
  • 1/8in NPT Boost/Vaccuum Port
  • 1:1 Boost/Vacuum Rise Ratio
  • Hard Anodised Body
  • Black Anodised Top
  • Compatible with All Fuel types
  • Rebuildable Internals
  • M6 x 1.0 Pre-Drilled Mounting Threads

Note: Use appropriate -08 ORB Inlet Fittings and -06 ORB Outlet fittings!

Fuel Pressure Regulator
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