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Hardrace Rear Lateral Arms Spherical Bearings For Honda Accord 90-97

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When upgrading your Honda Accord 90-97 suspension system, the Hardrace Rear Lateral Arms with Spherical Bearings are a great choice. These high-quality lateral arms are designed to improve the handling and performance of your vehicle by providing more precise and responsive control over the rear wheels.

Constructed from durable materials, these lateral arms are built to last and withstand the rigors of daily driving and even track use. The spherical bearings on these arms allow for greater adjustability and flexibility in tuning your suspension to your desired settings.

This means you can fine-tune your vehicle's handling characteristics to suit your driving style, whether you prefer a more aggressive or comfortable ride.

One of the key benefits of these lateral arms is their ability to reduce flex and improve the alignment of the rear wheels. This results in better traction, more predictable handling, and improved overall stability when driving at high speeds or in tight corners.

Whether you are a performance enthusiast or simply looking to improve the ride quality of your Honda Accord, these lateral arms are an excellent investment.

Installation of the Hardrace Rear Lateral Arms with Spherical Bearings is relatively straightforward, requiring no special tools. Remove the old lateral arms and replace them with the new ones, making sure to torque all bolts to the manufacturer's specifications.

With proper installation and regular maintenance, these lateral arms will provide years of reliable performance and improved handling for your Honda Accord 90-97.

In conclusion, if you want to upgrade your Honda Accord 90-97 suspension, the Hardrace Rear Lateral Arms with Spherical Bearings are an excellent choice. With their high-quality construction, adjustability, and improved handling characteristics, these lateral arms will help you get the most out of your vehicle, whether on the street or the track.

Accord CB 90-03
Accord CD 94-97
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Lateral Arms
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Suspension And Handling