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Hybrid Racing Short Shifter For Honda S2000 Ap1 Ap2

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The Honda S2000 is considered by many as one of the most remarkable cars ever produced, with a passionate and particular group of owners who value the highest quality parts for their vehicles. One such part that has been designed specifically for the S2000 is a short shifter, aimed at improving the already great feeling of the car's shifter.

Hybrid Racing, the makers of the short shifter, were faced with the challenge of how to improve on a shifter that is widely regarded as one of the best in its class. They aimed to strike a balance between a full-blown racing shifter and one that could be enjoyed by enthusiast drivers.

A good shifter must be tight, direct, and easy to move, inspiring confidence in the driver when changing gears. It is also critical to know which gear is engaged at all times. However, the factory shifter on many S2000s becomes loose and wobbly over time due to wear and tear.

To create a better shifter, Hybrid Racing took a fresh approach, starting with a blank sheet of paper and testing different materials and shapes for the main shifter shaft. They ultimately designed a new main cup section made of durable PTFE, which allows the shifter ball to move smoothly while withstanding high temperatures.

The lower section of the shifter was the most challenging part to design, as it is connected directly to the transmission shift rods and forks. After many tests and trials, Hybrid Racing came up with a solution that uses a combination of materials to reduce unwanted noise and vibrations. Their proprietary VDC lower cup also improves the overall feel of the shifter and prevents excessive noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) from being transmitted to the cabin.

The parts are created using 3D CNC machining processes to ensure precise tolerances and designed to work together. The shifter also comes with high-quality high-temperature grease to ensure smooth operation.

The resulting shifter is ideal for both car shows and timed track events, with an adjustable height and anodized finish. It is compatible with Hybrid Racing's Competition Shift Rod, making it a favourite among performance drivers. Overall, Hybrid Racing's shifter sets a new standard in terms of construction, adjustability, and performance.


  • Smooth and precise shifts
  • PTFE main cup
  • Proprietary VDC lower cup
  • Up to 25% shorter throw compated to standard
  • Adjustable knob position
Product Type:
Short Shifter