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Nrg Short Steering Wheel Boss For Nissan Silvia S13 S14

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Are you looking for a safe and reliable way to install an aftermarket steering wheel in your Nissan S13 or S14? Look no further than NRG's Short Steering Wheel Boss.

This hub is specifically designed for these Nissan models, ensuring that aftermarket steering wheels installed with quick-release kits are mounted safely from the driver. Made from high-quality aluminium, the Short Hub is built for durability and usability. You can trust that this product will meet the demands of daily use.

One important note: if you have a Personal/Nardi Steering wheel, you will need a quick-release hub to mount it properly.

But why should you consider upgrading to an aftermarket steering wheel in the first place? There are a few reasons. First, an aftermarket wheel can improve the comfort and ergonomics of your driving experience. You can choose a wheel with a shape and grip that feels better in your hands, reducing fatigue and improving your overall vehicle control.

Second, an aftermarket wheel can also improve the style and aesthetics of your car's interior. You can choose a wheel with a unique design or finish that complements your style and makes your car stand out.

Finally, an aftermarket steering wheel can also improve your vehicle's performance. A smaller, lighter wheel can improve your steering response and make it easier to turn the wheel quickly and accurately.

So, if you want to upgrade your Nissan S13 or S14 steering wheel, consider the NRG Short Steering Wheel Boss. Its safety, durability, and compatibility with quick-release products make it an excellent choice for any driver looking to improve their driving experience.

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Short Steering Boss