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Soft99 Pitch Cleaner Tar And Bug Remover 420ml

Was: £11.99
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Was: £11.99
Now: £8.99
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Now: £7.49
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Produced in Japan, Soft99's range of cleaning products allow those who drive JDM to clean JDM. Very well priced and boasting exceptional performance, Soft99's products bring Japanese quality to your car cleaning ritual.

Black asphalt dots, tar, tree sap or insects? They can’t be removed with ordinary washing, and you can damage the surface in other ways! However, there is a simpler and completely safe solution. Reach for New Pitch Cleaner, apply to stubborn dirt and observe how effectively it dissolves it. Remove the remains with a soft cloth, done! It's always good to have it at hand, not just in the process of decontamination.


  1. Spray the product about 20cm from the surface.
  2. Let the product work for 1-2 min.
  3. Remove residue with soft cotton towel or microfiber.
  4. Rinse the surface with high-pressure water or wash the surface manually with pH neutral shampoo.
Product Type:
Sealants and Quick Detailers