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Exoracing An04 Turbo Oil Feed Restrictor Flange 0.9mm

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Why Use An Exoracing AN04 Turbo Oil Feed Restrictor?

Maintaining a consistent flow of oil is crucial to ensuring the optimal performance of turbochargers. It is important to note that ball-bearing turbos have a different cartridge design than journal-bearing turbos, and consequently, they require a lower flow of oil.

This is where oil restrictors come into play. Without a restrictor, oil leakage through the seals is inevitable. Therefore, it is highly recommended that an oil restrictor be installed immediately to prevent further oil leakage.

Using an oil restrictor prevents oil leaks and enhances boost response by minimising oil windage in the bearing. To achieve maximum efficiency, the oil pressure entering a ball-bearing turbocharger should be between 40psi and 45psi (depending on the turbo). However, many engines have higher oil pressure, so you would use our 0.035"/0.9mm restrictors.

Our Exoracing turbo oil restrictor is designed to cater to most oil lines, which are AN04 and can be conveniently bolted directly to the turbo. With our oil restrictor, you can rest assured that your turbocharger will operate optimally without any oil leaks.

We also now offer an Exoracing lifetime warranty on our restrictor flanges. We are confident in our products and want to provide a risk-free buying experience.

Purchase Includes:

  • 1 x Exoracing AN04 Turbo Oil Feed Restrictor Flange
  • 1 x Exoracing Turbo Oil Feed Flange Gasket
  • 2 x Exoracing M8x20x1.25 Cap Head Bolts
  • 1 x Exoracing Lifetime Warranty


  • CNC Machined from 6061 Billet Aluminium
  • Male Thread for AN04 female oil feed lines
  • Restrictor size: 0.9mm/0.035"
  • Includes M8 x 1.25 bolts, oil feed gasket, oil feed, an4 restrictor flange
  • The Billet Aluminium Flange Features an 8mm base that will not distort or Leak
  • Universal turbo fitment with a 37mm bolt-hole spacing
  • Full kit weight: 44g

Exoracing AN04 Turbo Oil Restrictor Installation Guide:

Follow our easy step-by-step guide to get up and running quickly with your brand-new turbo oil restrictor. If you are unsure about any of the steps listed below or need advice on a restrictor, please get in touch with a professional who can advise further or help with installation.

  1. Firstly, before you do anything else, check that our turbo oil drain will fit your turbocharger. Then, drain the oil from the system to avoid as much spillage as possible.
  2. Next, remove any fittings on the turbo feed side, such as adapters screwed into the turbocharger etc.
  3. Place the gasket against the feed side while lining up the bolt holes, and then place the restrictor plate over the top.
  4. Screw in the M8 bolts and torque to factory specification.
  5. Screw the oil feed line back onto the AN04 fitting, and fill the system back up with oil.
  6. If this is your first turbocharger installation, prime the system before starting the car to ensure sufficient oil is inside.
  7. Run the car through a few heat cycles, then retorque the bolts.
  8. You are all done! If you have any good photos of the restrictor or your engine bay, please tag us on social media as we would love to see them! #exoracinguk

Technical Specifications:

Flange Material: 6061 Billet Aluminium
Gasket Material: 1mm Gasket Paper
Bolt Material: Steel
Kit Weight: 44g
Restrictor Size: 0.9mm/0.035"
Flange Length: 53mm
Flange Height: 21mm
Base Height: 8mm
Bole Hole Centre To Centre: 37mm
Warranty: Exoracing Lifetime Warranty


  • Professional installation is always recommended.
  • Please ensure correct fitment before ordering (check the table above).
  • If installed incorrectly or to a turbocharger that doesn't need a restrictor, you can cause turbo failure.
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