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Exoracing Quick Release Bumper Kit

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Why Use A Quick Release Bumper Kit?

Are you searching for a hassle-free and effective way to take off and re-fit the bumpers on your vehicle? Look no further than our Exoracing quick release bumper kits!

These kits offer the perfect solution, with only two holes drilled on each side of the bumper to make installation a breeze. Moreover, they are all anodised to be available in many different colours and add a touch of style.

We have all been there where we are putting a screw in to refit our bumper, and one of three things happens.

First, everything goes smoothly (which tends to get worse); secondly, once the bumper has been refit, it sags much more than before you took it off. Or three, the screw has either snapped or the locating tab has snapped.

Our Exoracing quick release bumper kits fix all of these issues!

The versatility of these quick release bumper kits is truly impressive, as they come in handy in various situations. Whether you're loading your car onto a trailer or need quick repairs in the pits, these quick-release solutions will be helpful.

It's no surprise that they're one of our most popular products! With a sturdy design and a one-year warranty against elastic band breakage, you can trust that they'll stand up to whatever challenges come your way.

Our quick-release bumper kits are made from high-grade aluminium, anodised with a durable coating, and etched with our logo, ensuring they're both reliable and stylish. Everything you need for installation is included in the kit.

Check out our parts list below to see for yourself! Trust us, you won't find a better quick-release bumper kit.

Purchase Includes:

  • 4 x Exoracing billet aluminium fasteners
  • 4 x Exoracing countersunk stainless steel bolts
  • 4 x Exoracing nylon locking nuts
  • 4 x Exoracing stainless steel washers
  • 2 x Exoracing high-strength o-ring bands
  • 1 x Exoracing 1-year warranty


  • Faster removal and reinstallation of panels
  • Anodised to be hard-wearing and stylish
  • Fixes sagging bumpers
  • Fixes snapped bumper clips
  • Available in a huge range of colours
  • Includes all hardware for installation
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Exoracing 1-year warranty

Quick Release Bumper Kit Installation Guide:

Follow our easy step-by-step guide to install your new Exoracing quick release bumper kit correctly.

  1. Firstly, you will want to hold the two fasteners against the bumper and wing with the O-ring in place and ensure they have enough tension to hold the bumper up correctly.
  2. Next, mark the bumper and wing with a sharpie or punch to know where to drill.
  3. Use a 7mm drill bit to drill through the bumper and wing in the correct place you've chosen, ensuring there is nothing behind it you can puncture.
  4. Push a bolt through the centre of a fastener, then push the bolt through one of the holes from the outside. Hold this in place while putting a washer and a nut on the back.
  5. Use an Allen key from the front and a socket from the back to tighten. Duplicate this step for both the bumper and wing holes on both sides of the bumper.
  6. Lastly, put the band around the fastener, and you're done!
  7. If you're unsure of any of the steps above, please consult a professional mechanic.

Technical Specifications:

Fastener Material: Anodised Billet Aluminium
Fastener Height: 24mm
Fastener Depth: 10mm
Available Colours: Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Gold, Silver, Grey, Green, Neochrome
Kit Weight: 79g
O-Ring Material: Rubber
Warranty: Exoracing 1-Year Warranty


  • Our quick release fasteners are for off-road use only.
  • Professional installation is recommended for the best finish.
Quick Release
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