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Exoracing Stainless Steel V-Band Clamp With Flanges

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£29.99 - £39.99 (Inc. VAT)
£24.99 - £33.32 (Ex. VAT)

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Our Exoracing V-band clamps are a highly efficient solution for fabricators who require a robust and leak-free method for building exhaust and turbo systems. We offer male and female V-band clamp flanges to simplify installing the exhaust system.

All you need to do is weld up both sides, install the self-aligning clamp in the centre, and screw on the locking nut for a perfect seal every time.

The V-band exhaust flanges are incredibly convenient for removing and fitting exhaust systems and turbo parts, such as downpipes and B Pipes.

These exhaust clamps are specifically designed for racers and track day enthusiasts because they facilitate easy removal of parts, allowing quick and hassle-free access to vital components without requiring hard-to-reach bolts or special tools.

The locking nut of the v-band exhaust clamp enables you to undo the component quickly and easily. As the flanges fit together perfectly and lock tightly, there is no need for a gasket, thus eliminating the risk of it blowing out - a prevalent issue with most other exhaust products.

The V-band clamp ensures that your exhaust system remains secure and leak-free, providing a safe and reliable solution for all your exhaust and turbo system needs.


  • Manufactured from 304-grade Stainless Steel
  • Includes a male and female V-band flange
  • Reduces the risk of broken exhaust bolts
  • No need for a gasket
  • Quick and simple to install/remove
  • It provides a leak-free seal
  • Perfect for intercoolers, exhausts, intakes, and turbochargers

Available sizes: 

  • 1.75" 44mm
  • 2.0" 51mm
  • 2.25" 57mm
  • 2.5" 63mm
  • 2.75" 70mm
  • 3.0" 76mm
  • 3.5" 89mm
  • 3.75" 95mm
  • 4.0" 102mm
  • 4.5" 114mm
Stainless Steel
Vband Clamp
Exhaust System