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Exoracing Turbo Gasket For Subaru Fits Impreza Td04 Td05 Td06

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Why Use Exoracing Subaru Impreza TD04/TD05/TD06 Turbo Gasket?

Our Exoracing TD04 turbo gasket sets are manufactured to have an OEM level of fitment and are also constructed from high-quality materials that will keep your mighty TD04 turbo boosting well for years to come. 

The job of your turbo gaskets is to stop exhaust gasses leaking from where your turbo joins to the manifold and downpipe. Without them, you would experience horrific exhaust leaks that would affect the performance of your engine and could also give you an MOT failure as those harmful gases could pass into the engine bay!

Our TD04 turbo gaskets are expertly cut using precise cutting and pressing tools, ensuring no fitment issues upon installation. We have opted to construct our turbo gaskets from 304 stainless steel as it offers great formability and resistance to heat and corrosion.

When changing your turbo gaskets, it's imperative to check that all mating faces are clean and free from warpages and defects. Otherwise, you will struggle to prevent exhaust gases from leaking through the flanges. 

Purchase Includes:

  • 1 x Exoracing TD04 Turbo Manifold Gasket
  • 1 x Exoracing TD04 Turbo Downpipe Gasket. 
  • 1 x Exoracing Lifetime Warranty


  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • OEM fitment
  • Eliminates exhaust leaks
  • Fits all Subaru Impreza turbo models inc: WRX/STI/TURBO 2000/GT between 1993-2008 (does NOT fit JDM twinscroll turbos)
  • Comes with turbo to manifold and downpipe gaskets.
  • Exoracing lifetime warranty.

Exoracing Subaru Impreza TD04/TD05/TD06 Turbo Gasket Installation Guide:

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you install your Subaru turbo gaskets. However, we recommend a professional installation if you are not 100% confident doing it yourself. 

  1. To begin the installation, switch your engine off and make sure everything around the engine is cool to touch before you start. 
  2. Begin by removing anything blocking access to the turbocharger. 
  3. Locate and remove any oil/water lines from the turbo, and be ready to catch any excess fluids leaking during removal. 
  4. Remove the hardware that secures the turbo to the manifold and to the downpipe. 
  5. Now, you can remove the turbo to check the condition of the mating faces. 
  6. If the mating faces on the flanges are clean and free from warpages and defects, you can reinstall your turbo with the new gaskets. 
  7. Tighten all previously removed hardware using a calibrated torque wrench to the manufacturer's recommended specs. 
  8. Attach all of your oil/water lines back onto your turbo, along with anything else that was previously removed. 
  9. Run your car through a few heat cycles, letting everything heat up to operating temperatures and then allowing everything to cool back down. 
  10. Recheck all the hardware you removed with your torque wrench to ensure they're still tightened to the correct torque values. 
  11. You can now enjoy your car, knowing you won't have any exhaust leaks from your turbo. Remember to tag us in photos at @exoracinguk.

Technical Specifications:

Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Total Weight: 28g
Gasket Depth: 0.5mm
Bolt Hole Diameter: 11mm
Fitment:  Subaru WRX/STI/TURBO 2000/GT EJ20/EJ25 TD04/TD05/TD06
Warranty: Exoracing Lifetime Warranty


  • Professional installation is recommended.
  • All mating faces on the exhaust flanges must be clean, and free from warpages and defects before fitting your new gaskets. 
  • A new gasket should be used each time your turbo is removed. 
Stainless Steel
Turbo Gasket
Exhaust System
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