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Exoracing Turbo Blanket V3

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What Is A Turbo Blanket?

Our Exoracing turbo blankets, also known as turbo jackets, are expertly crafted to address the excess heat generated by turbochargers in the engine bay of your car.

Turbo blankets are designed to retain the heat the turbocharger produces effectively and are built to withstand extreme heat cycles. Our turbo blankets can heat up and cool quickly, ensuring optimal vehicle performance.

With a turbocharger installed, the engine bay can reach incredibly high temperatures, harming the car's overall performance. The Exoracing turbo blankets are designed to address this issue, providing several benefits to car owners.

Firstly, they help keep the engine bay cooler, which can increase the life expectancy of specific car components. Secondly, they protect essential car components from heat damage, saving car owners costly repairs in the long run.

In addition to these benefits, the Exoracing turbo blankets also help reduce turbo lag, improving overall performance. Furthermore, the blankets ensure the safety of mechanics who work near the hot turbos, reducing the risk of burns and other injuries.

Our latest V3 release features a wire mesh that adds rigidity to the blanket, prolonging its lifespan. The 4-layer design of the blanket provides better insulation than previous versions, ensuring optimal heat retention.

The Exoracing turbo blanket fits snugly over the turbo's hot side and securely fastens with anchor hooks and spring fasteners, guaranteeing a perfect fit.

In summary, if you want to ensure your car's optimal performance and protect essential components from heat damage, our Exoracing turbo blankets are the perfect solution. They are designed to address the excess heat generated by turbochargers and offer several benefits, including a cooler engine bay, reduced turbo lag, and increased safety for mechanics.

Purchase Includes:

  • 1 x Exoracing Turbo Blanket
  • 2 x Exoracing Turbo Blanket Springs
  • 1 x Exoracing Lifetime Warranty


  • Anchor hooks are installed for maximum security and protection
  • The ultimate thermal barrier to protect nearby components and reduce temperatures
  • Reduces the risk of burns when working next to a turbocharger
  • Helps to reduce turbo lag
  • It comes with two stainless steel spring fasteners
  • Working temperature: 1200°C/2100°F
  • Available in a carbon fibre or titanium finish
  • Available in 3 sizes: T25, T3, T4
  • Exoracing Lifetime Warranty

Turbo Blanket Installation Guide:

Follow these steps to ensure you have the best performance from your brand-new Exoracing turbo blanket.

  1. Always wear gloves when handling turbo blankets, as loose fibres may cause skin irritation.
  2. Make sure the turbo is cold to reduce the risk of a burn, and put the turbo blanket over the exhaust housing, making sure the blanket is seated correctly.
  3. Use the supplied springs to fasten between the anchor hooks for a tight install
  4. You're all done! If you weren't sure about installation, head over to the videos tab, where we have videos of a turbo blanket installed or head to our YouTube channel.

Technical Specifications:

Exterior Material: Carbon or Titanium weave
Centre Material: Silica Insulation Wool
Interior Material: Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Sizes Available: T25, T3, T4
Colour Available: Titanium or Carbon
Working Temperature: 1200°C/2100°F
Spring Material: Stainless Steel
Hook Anchor Material: Stainless Steel
Warranty: Exoracing Lifetime Warranty

Exoracing turbo blanket sizing guide

Turbo Sizing Guide:

T25 Turbo Blanket Inner Circumference: ∼17"
T3 Turbo Blanket Inner Circumference: ∼19"
T4 Turbo Blanket Inner Circumference: ∼22"
T25 Turbo Blanket Inner Width: ∼2.25"
T3 Turbo Blanket Inner Width: ∼3.0"
T4 Turbo Blanket Inner Width: ∼3.5"

Frequently Asked Questions:

What If I Have A V-Band Flanged Turbocharger?

If you have a V-band flange you will still be able to use our turbo blanket, but fitment wise it won't completely hug the housing. You should use our turbo sizing guide above to try and find the closest turbo blanket to your application.

You are much better off running one than not, as it will still protect multiple components from heat soak and/or damage, and keep the turbocharger generated heat inside the housing.


  • Professional installation is recommended.
  • Always wear gloves when installing, as loose fibres may cause skin irritation.
  • Please ensure not to cover the turbo blanket with any other contaminants such as oil or coolant, as this may cause a breakdown of the material or, in the most extreme cases, fire.
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