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Turbosmart Anti-Lag Valves are a type of valve that helps improve turbocharger performance in high-performance racing vehicles. These valves work by diverting excess air pressure from the turbocharger into the atmosphere, which can cause lag and reduce performance.

This helps to maintain optimal boost pressure and improve engine response, allowing drivers to achieve faster lap times and better overall performance.

Additionally, Turbosmart Anti-Lag Valves are designed to be durable and reliable, even in extreme racing conditions, making them a popular choice among professional racers and performance enthusiasts alike.

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  • Turbosmart Turbosmart Genv Alv40 Anti-Lag Valve


    Turbosmart Genv Alv40 (Anti-Lag Valve)

    The all-new addition to the Turbosmart line-up is the fresh air ALV40 (Anti-Lag Valve) for motorsport applications. Featuring a 40mm valve diameter and a purpose designed actuator housing. Multiple fittings are also supplied for ease of fitment and...

    £486.66 (Inc. VAT)
    £405.55 (Ex. VAT)
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