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Yellow Speed Racing was founded in 2003 and was set up as a joint venture in 2009 with Mr Christopher Nell, who met the owner of Yellow Speed at a drifting event in Las Vegas, United States, in 2007. Since both are highly passionate and enthusiastic about motorsport, a new “form” of the company was born – manufacturing in Taiwan associated with engineering from overseas to meet a new trend of demand in the market by producing the highest quality yellow speed coilovers with cost-effective pricing.

New model development and product improvement are constantly made to maintain our competitive advantages and stay ahead of competitors. With the expertise gained from high-performance sectors and data obtained from racing sports, our qualified yellow speed engineering team has made many changes through advanced technology in material selection, manufacturing methods, processing treatments, engineering tolerance, product appearance and product function to meet the current needs for motorsport. Each yellow speed racing suspension application is released depending on constant road and street testing to ensure excellent handling while maintaining ride comfort and safety.