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Aem water methanol kits are performance-enhancing devices installed in a vehicle's engine. This kit injects a mixture of water and methanol into the engine, which helps to cool the combustion process and increase the engine's power output.

The water and methanol mixture is stored in a tank and injected into the engine under high pressure. This helps reduce engine knock and increase the vehicle's overall performance.

The AEM water methanol kit can also increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Overall, this is an excellent addition to any car or truck looking for extra power and performance.

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  • AEM Aem V3 Water Meth Methanol Injection Kit


    Aem V3 Water Meth Methanol Injection Kit

    AEM V3 Water/Methanol Injection Kit, Standard Controller - Internal MAP with 35psi max, 200psi WM Pump, 1 Gallon Reservoir, Conductive Fluid Level Sensor AEM has updated its gas and turbo Diesel Water/Methanol Injection systems again, this time with a...

    £622.01 (Inc. VAT)
    £518.34 (Ex. VAT)
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