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WedsSport TC-105X Forged Alloy Wheel EJ Titan

£645.38 - £747.48 (Inc. VAT)
£537.82 - £622.90 (Ex. VAT)
£645.38 - £747.48 (Inc. VAT)
£537.82 - £622.90 (Ex. VAT)

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New WedsSport TC-105X Forged is the latest addition to the TC lineup from WedsSport, featuring closed-die forged construction. TC-105X Forged uses patented Air Plus+ Technology first seen on the RN-05M to increase available air volume on the tire Born in through the fire and brimstone of competitive motorsport, the WedsSport TC Series has long been WedsSport's flagship line of wheels since the release of the TC-05 in 1993.

With each new generation of TC, the wheel has offered high strength, rigidity and low weight at a competitive price. With the release of the TC-105X in mid-2018, the Weds AMF process was pushed to the absolute limit. To go to the next level, Weds elected to employ the closed-die forging process (also known as mold forging).

Same Tried And True 10-Spoke Design & Features The TC-105X Forged carries the same, 10-spoke design first seen on the TC-105N and later on the TC-105X AMF. Visually, both wheels are near-identical, with the exception of a "Forged" etching to replace the AMF casting on the wheel's face.

The main visual difference is the flattened spoke surface of the TC-105X Forged which makes the wheel visually similar to the TC-105N. The new spoke shape is a byproduct of the closed-die forging process. The TC-105X Forged shares the same race-winning feature set as the AMF version, such as ball-mill cutting, N-Frame II, EJ-TI paint and more.


Click through the dropdowns to customise the diameter, width, offset, PCD and centre bore. 

EJ Titan